• Are you a frequent visitor to Disney Destinations? Do you love to cruise? Have you traveled to Europe? Mexico? Australia? The Grand Canyon?
  • Are you an experienced travel professional?
  • Do you excel in sales?
  • Do you enjoy a team environment?
  • Are you a self-starter?
  • Are you tech savvy?
  • Do you feel at home with social media?
  • Do you have excellent verbal and written communication skills?
  • Are you involved in communities both online and in your local area?
  • Are you willing to vacation at Disney destinations and with other MTT travel partners at least once a year?

As an independent contractor with Mouse Tales Travel,  you'll work on your own schedule while booking travel for clients and receiving commission after your client travels. You'll be running your own home business via Internet, phone, and in-person. Please speak with your accountant about potential tax benefits.

There is a $197 non-refundable administration fee should you be selected to become a part of the team and join MTT as an independent contractor.

You can complete the MTT Independent Contractor Agent Application here.


This sounds like fun!

Now, being a travel agent isn't all pixie dust, rainbows, and unicorns and it's certainly not easy money. This is a commission-based business which means it's a lot of hours up-front with the pay-off after the client travels AND after the supplier pays MTT. It also means that you could spend hours working with a client and then they choose to book directly with the supplier or another travel agent, or not to go at all. Even if you're the go-to person for Disney/cruises/whatever in your social circle, getting your first clients can be a daunting task. And you're never really off-duty because when a client is traveling, they need to be able to get ahold of you 24/7... even when you're vacationing yourself.

Still interested?

If I haven't scared you away, I'd love to learn more about you and why you think you're a good fit for the Mouse Tales Travel team. You can complete the MTT Independent Contractor Agent Application here.

Be sure you LIKE the Mouse Tales Travel Facebook page and see ya real soon! - Kimberly